A Prayer for All Saints’ Day


God of our ancestors, God of generations yet unborn: It is your will so to fill us with your own Being, so to forgive us even when we fail you, that we may be called your holy people. For the multitude of the faithful whom we cannot remember for the vastness of their number and the distance of their days, we bless your holy name. For the multitude of the faithful whom we do remember because they have touched our lives and given us instruction and inspiration, we bless your holy name.

Donna Henderson
Lois Wigginton
Dixie Lee Spellman Guyer
Nelda Ann Dutton Muns
LaVerne Stienke
John Driscoll

[You have received them] all into your arms of mercy. Let light perpetual shine upon them, and cause us to be numbered with them in your everlasting glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The names above will be solemnly read during The Great Thanksgiving on All Saints’ Sunday, November 6. Please plan to attend this special worship service in commemoration of FUMC members who have moved on to the Church Triumphant since names were last read, November 2015.

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